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When do the program changes take effect?

The new Best Western Rewards program begins January 1, 2016.

 Why are you making these changes?

Best Western Rewards is widely acknowledged as one of the premier loyalty programs within the travel industry. These changes reflect a continued commitment to provide our members with superior customer care.

 I haven’t had activity recently. Will my points expire?

Under the current program, points expire after 13 months of inactivity. After January 1, 2016, points will no longer expire. If you haven’t had account activity recently, be sure to log in to your account and check the date of your last transaction to make sure you won’t lose your points before the new rule takes effect.

Will it become easier to earn points in the new program?

Absolutely. Many rate plans do not earn points today. While some reservations will continue to be ineligible (link to section terms and conditions) for points, the overwhelming majority of reservations will be eligible to earn points.

What are the benefits of the Gold and Diamond Select elite levels?

Gold elite members will receive a bonus of 10%. Diamond Select members will receive a bonus of 50%, in addition to other exclusive benefits. Your activity after January 1, 2016 will count toward qualification in these new elite levels.

Will the number of points required for free night redemption increase?

Today, the number of points required for a free night at a given hotel is typically the same year-round. After January 1, point levels will be adjusted to vary by month. While certain hotels may require more points at certain times of the year, the overall number of points required for redemption is expected to decrease. To view hotel-specific point level requirements, please select ‘Best Western Rewards points’ from the special rates drop-down box on (Finland) and (Poland).

Will the number of rooms available for free night redemption increase?

Absolutely—as part of these changes, every Best Western branded hotel will make a certain portion of its rooms available for free night redemption. In addition, free nights will no longer be subject to blackout dates.

What else besides free nights will I be able to get with my points?

In addition to free night vouchers, Best Western Travel Cards, and airline miles, a number of gift card and other redemptions options will be offered under the new program.

How do I review and update my account information?

To view your account information, please log on to ( Finland) and (Poland). If you need assistance logging in, please call 0800 12010 (Finland) and 00800-441 1669 (Poland).

What if I no longer wish to participate in the program?

If you would like to discontinue your membership in the Best Western Rewards program, please call 0800 12010 (Finland) and 00800-441 1669 (Poland) .

Will I be receiving a new membership card?

If you met the qualifications for elite status in 2015 (10 or more night OR 10,000 or more points), you will receive new membership credentials. Alternatively, if you did not meet the criteria for elite status, you may request that a card be sent to you by logging in to ( Finland) and (Poland) or calling 0800 12010 (Finland) and 00800-441 1669 (Poland) -  [toll-free number]. Your account number will not be changing.


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