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  • Every purchase is a reward-earning opportunity!

    Every purchase is a reward-earning opportunity!

    Best Western Rewards® members can earn points from our great selection of preferred partners, which can then be used for FREE room nights, retail gift cards, and so much more! Read more about Best Western Rewards benefits and start earning points today! Not yet a member? Join here as a Rewards member - for free!

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Find your answer about our programme Best Western Rewards in the FAQ section.

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Join Best Western Rewards®, Best Western's FREE rewards program. As a member you will receive :

  • 10 BWR® points for every Euro spent on qualified room rates, 600 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Points, 20 AIR MILES reward miles or at least 250 airline/partner rewards on qualified stays at over at 4,000 Best Western hotels throughout North, Central & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa
  • One of the widest reward selections of any program
  • Rewards offers and promotions with additional earning opportunities

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