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  • Collect 1000 points with AVIS rental

    1,000 points are issued to Best Western Rewards members for each paid rental at Avis at participating
    locations worldwide. The members must do the following in order to receive points:

    • The BWR member must state the Rewards membership number at time of reservation.
    • The member must present his / her card when signing the Avis rental agreement.
    • BWR member can expect the points on his/her account within 1 month.


    Which rates are eligible?

    1,000 points will be allocated on:

    • Non-contracted rates
    • Contracted rates

    1,000 points do not apply to:

    • Avis employee rates
    • Travel industry employee rates
    • Tour operator and broker rates
    • Truck rentals
    • Replacement vehicles after car accidents

    Handling when Avis points are missing (retro claim)

    Best Western Rewards members may claim points on rentals that took place within 6 months prior to the claim date. Points will not be awarded for rentals older than 6 months. BWR members who claim to be eligible for points on an Avis rental must do the following:

    1. Each Avis local European website has an area called “Claim Your Missing Miles / Points”. The member has to access that website.
    2. Then the member enters all required fields, especially the membership program “Best Western Rewards”, the membership number etc.
    3. The sender receives an e-mail with the confirmation of the receipt.
    4. Avis verifies the membership number according a specific algorithm and checks automatically the retro claim conditions (e.g. 6 months period).
    5. Avis checks the qualifying rates according the rental agreement number and accepts or rejects the request.
    6. Avis sends the results via e-mail to the provided e-mail address.
  • Earn points with Sixt

    Best Western Hotels has a partner agreement with Sixt that include a possibility to change points for car rental but also to collect 1,000 Best Western Rewards points per car rental and 2,000 points per limousine rental.

    Collecting points for car rentals
    1,000 points are issued to Best Western Rewards members for each paid* rental at Sixt at participating locations worldwide. 2,000 points are issued for limousine rentals. To receive BWR points members must do the following:

    • The Best Western Rewards member must present the membership card when signing the rental agreement.
    • The points are entered in the Sixt reservation system. These points are forwarded on
      a monthly base to  Best Western Rewards member's account.

    Handling when Sixt points are missing (retro claims)
    Best Western Rewards members can claim points on rentals that took place within the last six months prior to the claim date here.

    *Discounts do not apply for the following rates:
    Employee rates, tour operator rates, long term rentals, shuttle rates, special internet rates,
    seasonal rates (e.g. Christmas rates), certain corporate rates.

  • Collect miles from Best Western stays

    Best Western Rewards members have the option to receive rewards with one of several global airline partners. Members can earn 600 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Points, 20 AIR MILES® reward miles, or at least 250 airline/partner rewards for each qualifying stay at Best Western hotels worldwide.

    To receive airline or other partner rewards, members must be a member of one of the partner airlines and have their Best Western Rewards® profile earning preference set to the airline or other partner reward of their choice, provide their partner membership number, and provide their Best Western Rewards® membership card or number at hotel check in. You may find the partner airlines on You can change the point collecting preference by contacting Best Western Rewards service.

    If you are missing miles from a Best Western hotel, please contact your airline's frequent flier club service for retro claim.

  • New Rewards partner - Budget!

    Budget offers you every day car rental with Budget simplicity  - at more than 3,400 locations in 124 countries. Benefit from low fares and get 1,000 Best Western Rewards points per rental.

    Earn Best Western Rewards Points

    With Budget, the new car rental partner of Best Western Rewards, you can now earn 1,000 points for every rental*.

    Please just indicate your Best Western Rewards number at time of reservation and show your Best Western Rewards card when picking up the car. The points will then be credited to your Best Western Rewards account 4-6 weeks after your rental.

     *excluding Budget-employee rates, rates for employees of touristic companies, tour operater and broker rates and all other net rates. Valid at all participating locations.


    Worldwide benefits with Budget

    Just indicate the following discount code (BCD) when booking your car.: U1870001. This code is already implemented into the online booking tool. You will then only need to show your Best Western Rewards card at the counter, in order to earn valuable Best Western Rewards points.

     Book your car rental right now.


    Claim your missing Best Western Rewards points


    Note: the Retro Claim page is currently still under construction as there are some minor mistakes in it. Budget is working on this. If you need assistance for Retro Claims in the meantime, please use the following contact details:

    Email: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.
    Telephone: 1-800-352-7900

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