Elite Status Extended

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts cares about its guests and values the members of the Best Western Rewards program. As appreication of your loyalty, members will retain their current elite status through January 31, 2022 wihtout needing to fulfill the necessary qualifications. 

Members were downgraded a tier at the end of 2019 were leveled-up to their previous tier and will maintain that status thorugh January 31, 2022 wihout needing to fulfill the necessary qualifications.  

All BWR members worldwide are eligible for elite status protection and no action is required on the part of the member. Status will be maintained for all members regardless of their current tier, ensuring both new and veteran members are protected at this time. BWR is the only industry loyalty program where points never expire, meaning members are not impacted by unpredictable circumstances that could prevent them from using their hard-earned points.

For members who wish to help those severly impacted by the virus may donate points to BWHR’s charitable fund, Best Western for a Better World®, which has committed to supporting those impacted by the virus worldwide.  

When you are ready to travel again, we are ready with enhanced cleaning protocols, new breakfast offerings and a flexible cancellation policy. We look forward to seeing you soon.