Modified Breakfast

Caring for our guests and employees has always been at the core of Best Western® Hotels & Resorts. Ensuring the health and safety of our customers has never been more important given the current situation with COVID-19. Therefore, we have modified our breakfast experience to reflect guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Restaurant Association and each hotels’ local regulations.

Guests will find breakfast rooms have been modified to allow more space between tables. Additionally, hand sanitization stations will be available, and staff will disinfect tables and chairs between guests. Please note that breakfast rooms or dining rooms may be closed in some locations in compliance with local regulations.

Due to COVID-19, our breakfast offerings may be one of several options based on the circumstances and regulations where the hotel is located. These options include self-serve Enhanced Grab & Go or Limited Breakfast Offering, or hotel staff may provide table service for breakfast items, or pre-plate all breakfast items.

The Enhanced Grab & Go option includes:

  • One whole piece of fruit
  • One bottle of water or juice drink
  • One pre-wrapped breakfast bar (i.e., granola, energy, etc.)
  • One pre-wrapped breakfast bread or pastry (i.e., sweet roll, muffin, croissant or similar)

Included in the -prepackaged for self-service or served as a plated dish (rather than a buffet) options may inlcude these hot and healthy selections:

  • A packaged or homemade breakfast sandwich, burrito or similar with egg, with or without a protein
  • A hot cereal option including oatmeal, grits or cream of wheat
  • Yogurt
  • Choice of two dry cereals
  • Packaged pastries, breakfast breads or muffins
  • Two varieties of fruit, either portioned or fresh whole fruit 

We look forward to welcoming our valued guests to our hotels and providing a healthy, safe breakfast experience.